Creansia BV assists growth-stage companies and early-stage ventures. Creansia provides advisory services to the Board of Directors and Management Teams in the value generation process. During the life-cycle of companies and ventures, Creansia assists in various processes: strategy, partnerships, business models, investment rounds, mergers, and acquisitions. Beyond the chatter and twitter of social media, as technology matures and harmoniously blends with our daily lives, taking over the mundane tasks, we should see pleasing benefits of Digital Life, Bio-inspired Solutions, and Health Care. These are the focus areas of the Creansia network.




Intrinsic ID is the world’s leading digital authentication company, providing the Internet of Things with hardware-based root-of-trust security via unclonable identities for any IoT-connected device. Intrinsic ID security has been proven in millions of devices certified by Common Criteria, EMVCo, Visa and multiple governments.
Intrinsic ID’s mission: “Authenticate Everything.”

AImotive is one of the largest independent automated driving technology providers in the world. Our holistic approach tackles three main industry challenges: software, development and validation tools, and processing hardware. Our market-ready products enable our partners to quickly deploy affordable advanced ADAS and automated driving solutions.

Wooptix is a LightField Imaging company that leverages its proprietary WaveFront Phase technology in photography, industrial metrology, and ophthalmology markets. We took our first steps in researching WaveFront Phase while looking for outer worlds, newborn stars, black holes, and galaxies in one of the most beautiful places in the world – Teide Observatory, Tenerife island (Spain). Astrophysics can be found in our DNA. Creating new solutions and exploring beyond limits is our passion.

Pulsic is an electronic design automation (EDA) company focusing on Precision Design Automation and offering production-proven floorplanning, placement and routing software solutions for extreme design challenges at advanced nodes. Complementary to existing design flows, Pulsic technology delivers hand-crafted quality, faster than manual design or general-purpose software solutions. Website:

GreenPeak shapes the Smart Home of the future! GreenPeak is a leader in RF communication technology for wireless connected home applications, offering innovative ultra-low power wireless data communication controller chips for smart home applications. Website:

Prophesee (formerly Chronocam)
Inspired by human vision, Prophesee’s technology uses a patented sensor design and AI algorithms  that mimic the eye to reveal what was invisible until now using standard frame-based technology. Prophesee’s machine vision systems open new potential in areas such as autonomous vehicles, industrial automation, IoT, security and surveillance, and AR/VR. One early application was in medical devices that restore vision to the blind.

GrAI Matter Labs utilizes brain inspired neural network architecture to overcome the limitations of traditional Von Neumann machines and application processors. Our unique implementation is the only system that can leverage sparsity from an end-to-end perspective, a fully programmable approach for ease of implementation and offers ultra-low latency while preserving low power levels not feasible before. GML envisions to bring AI to every device at the edge – Democratize AI.

Etulipa is transforming the world of outdoor digital advertising. The Etulipa display is made with (patented) next generation electrowetting technology. The ‘pixels’ are not powered by light, but with colored oil. The result is a display that you can read even in bright sunlight, which causes no light pollution, that doesn’t distract drivers and uses 100 times less energy than an LED screen. That’s a bright offer! Website:
Preceyes is developing a high-precision robotic assistant to support eye surgeons. By improving their precision 10 to 20 times and by automating tasks, Preceyes enables surgeons to both improve the reproducibility and speed of existing procedures and to develop treatments for diseases that have no adequate treatment today.

The MicroSure system is designed by and for microsurgeons to overcome physical limitations and enhance performance. By improving the quality of microsurgical procedures and by making them easier to perform, we hope to increase the number of treatment options for patients. The superhuman control and precision offered by the MicroSure Stabilizer System provides better and more constant surgical outcome, and allows the development of new highly accurate surgical procedures that are currently unavailable.